InterNātional Indigenous Initiative for Transformative Collaboration (INITC)

There is a growing recognition amongst institutions, organisations and wider community members that language adapts to encompass wider perspective and greater understanding. Euro-centric ideas of classification such as ‘Aboriginal’ or ‘American Indian’ / ‘Red Indians’ are disingenuous, an historical perspective that amalgamates First Nations Peoples to an inequitable position perpetuating ideas and perspectives that have historically marginalised First Nations Knowledge, Cultural and Spiritual practices.

INITC proposes transformation through the recognition of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual change, critical to genuine collaboration. As a co-defined First Nations format and process for sharing cultural perspectives and practice, an underlying notion is the recognition that we all come from many Nations, sovereign in their own right. Thus the product of our collective and collaborative efforts may be described as InterNational. (Pronounced Inter-Nātional)

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