We share who we are through how we recognize and greet each other. Here we will post all of our relative’s ways of welcome that wish to let us know. How do you greet people in your cultural ways? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your own cultural manner of welcoming and let us know where it comes from and what it means.

This space is intended to share a place of possibilities. We hope that you have the time to join us for a bit! There would not be a space such as this without all the People from which it comes.

Through the Stories, the Songs, the Art and the Dance of The People we honor the experiences, the hopes, the sharing of wisdom both ancient and learned, the manner and the method by which we acknowledge the extraordinary beauty of this world, this gift, this creation. It is that which was given as remembrance to us for what it means to be a Human Being in relation to all things, carried from our ancestors to us, and from us to generations yet to come.

Stories and Songs of the People is an ongoing effort for learning how to reach genuine understanding and acceptance of each other, with intention, moving beyond mere understandings of tolerance. The strength and wisdom found in our Original Peoples cultural diversity allows us to join together with many ‘voices’ – expressions that sing and speak of our many and varied perspectives and experiences. These voices, traditional and contemporary, give us the opportunity to find a shared space and vision for our future. There are an extraordinary number of issues needing our attention requiring our courage, our hearts, our minds and spirit. We must learn to live and work with one another if we are to begin the healing process for our ourselves, our planet, our future, and that of the generations to come.

We must also learn to know our relatives, all of our relatives. It is through our stories and songs that we celebrate our relationships with all creation, with all of our relatives. When we come together in this way, we are the Stories and Songs of the People.


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